Fat Joe says Nas’ Illmatic changed his life

Yesterday, On April 19, Nas’s “Illmatic” turned 27. Safe to say the album is a classic hip hop staple. Nas’ debut LP ‘Illmatic‘ was released by Columbia Records in 1994.

The album has sold 2 million copies in the United States as of February 6, 2019. The oldest federal cultural institution in the United States, The Library of Congress has announced that Nas’ ‘Illmatic’ has been inducted the National Recording Registry.

Yesterday, hip hop legend Fat Joe went to Instagram to show respect to his longtime friend.

“A masterpiece this album changed my life 27 years ago @nas congrats” – Joe titled a pic.

Nas went to his Instagram page to celebrate “Illmatic”s 27 years anniversary.

“The stuff that young people have to see and experience is literally crazy. Yesterday was as it still is today. @jungleqb & Drawz (RIP) on patrol on constant watch & on point from all directions. People value different things. I value respect. Respect to All. 27 years ago today a album dropped that changed Everything. Love to all. @illmaticmovie on Netflix” – he wrote.