DJ Khaled reveals Lil Wayne features for his upcoming album “Khaled Khaled”

Dj Khaled is officially working on his 12th studio album “Khaled Khaled.” The expectations are high for this album.

On March 22, the Maiami native revealed his upcoming collaborations with the Grammy Award-winning artists Post Malone and H.E.R. So, we already know that Post Malone, Drake, Migos, and H.E.R. will all be on “Khaled Khaled.”

Khaled recently shared an Instagram post indicating that he joined forces with the legendary Lil Wayne.

“ICON ALERT,” he captioned, “My brother!.”

The duo already has a huge co-working experience. Back in November, 2020, Lil Wayne dropped DJ Khaled-hosted ‘No Ceilings 3″ project.