Quavo announces that Migos’ “Culture 3” is in mixing process

On Sunday, Quavo gave the latest update on the Migos’ upcoming album, Culture 3, stating that the project is “Goin InTo Mixing.”

Migos has been updating fans on the status of their Culture III album since February. Quavo revealed the project would be released within the next forty-five days during an interview with TMZ on Valentine’s Day. He said, “It’ll be here in less than a month and a half.”

The album will follow the trio’s previous release, “Culture II,” which was released in 2018. Atlanta rap collective member Quavo announced on Twitter yesterday (April 18) that the band is “Goin InTo Mixing.”

Quavo first announced the album’s release date in February. Nothing came of it, but a month later, supergroup released a sneak peek of a new, untitled single, promising that ‘Culture III’ would be released soon.