6ix9ine mocks Young Thug after he bet that he would snitch

6ix9ine and snitching jokes are not going away anytime soon. Just few hours ago in a new interview published by Money Worth Of Game Podcast Young Thug revealed he had bet $5,000 with a westcoast rapper that Tekashi 6ix9ine will snitch. “I bet five thousand that he tell, and he bet five thousand that nothing is gonna happen to him,” said Thug.

Thug continued claiming he betted money on 6ix9ine definitely getting beat up too “I betted five thousand that something was gon’ happen, like, I bet you whatever, n*ggas see him something gon’ happen. Somethin’. He gon’ get beat up, he gon’ have to run out the club, somethin’ gon’ happen. I lost that f*ckin’ bet. Them p*ssy ass n*ggas let that n*gga in the club.”

Young Thug’s comment didn’t sit well with controversial rapper 6ix9ine as he fired back at Thugger on his Instagram stories with sarcastic comments.

Check out Young Thug’s interview clip and 6ix9ine’s response below: