Hopsin releases “Money Heist” themed music video “Be11a C1ao”

Hopsin continues his streak releasing new music accompanied by some amazing visuals this year. Today the L.A. based rapper has released a new song “Be11a C1ao” which is based on Netflix’s popular thriller series “Money Heist” also called La casa del papel.

The trackl’s title is after Italian protest folk song that originated in the late 19th century, “Bella ciao” was revived by the anti-fascist resistance movement in Italy between 1943 and 1945. Since then different versions of the track has been released worldwide, one of them is also used in Netflix’s “Money Heist”.

On the track Hopsin goes in all braggadocios with calling himself GOAT “Lane on my own, the label is cold, we raking in gold, I’m labeled the G.O.A.T” rapped Hop.

Watch below: