50 Cent defends DaBaby , believes he will bounce back

Hip-Hop mogul 50 Cent was a guest on E! Online where he was asked to give advice toΒ  Charlotte rap star DaBaby who has surrounded himself in controversy.

DaBaby’s rant against the LGBTQ community at the Rolling Loud festival didn’t sit well with fans, as a result, he had to face backlash from big names in the industry and has to lose as much as ten festival gigs. Later the rap came with two aplogies but after that still he’s losing endorsements.

50 Cent believes DaBaby will be able to bounce back (watch below) as he gives an example of RnB singer Chris Brown who has slapped his then-girlfriend “How many times they canceled Chris? like 5-6 times?” said Fif who believes if the 28-year-old rapper will deliver consistent music he will be fine.

50 Cent also came in defense of DaBaby , as he calls him a really talented artist who didn’t have much time for development. “He’s still new and he’s attacked by individuals because Madonna says something to him, Questlove says something to him then Elton John…these are people that this big. Dababy’s taken aback by people who are specifically saying this to him. It’s tough for you not to assess them . They are saying something about DaBaby, he never said anything about them”.