Polo G’s best friend shot and killed in Chicago

Polo G bids farewell to his close friend B-Money after a fatal shooting in Chicago last week. Polo pinned a heart-felt letter to his friend on Instagram:

My little brother, Man on Gucci, I can’t see myself doin this s**t  without you broski. I know I will never meet a n***a like you again. One of the realest n***as I have ever met in my life. I always made sure I reminded you of that. You were the heart of the hood. You knew how to make a whole room smile. Could not nobody stay mad around you.

You was the very first n***a to ever show me support in this s**t when wasn’t nobody stunting this s**t for real. You let me know I could do it and had my back all the way my first shows. My first videos the s**t I first recorded. You was the first to hear it. This s**t stretch all the way to the sandbox doe before this rap s**t. We were just rocking stages and hopping off jets. Broski, s**t ain’t posed to be like this you know Imma turn up fa you doe for sure. I love you, Broski. Just watch over me, Broski, I got you man.” – Writes Polo G.

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