Quavo claims nobody was doing triplet flows before Migos

On his latest appearance at Bleacher Reports Taylor Rooks podcast, Migos hitmaker Quavo has made some interesting claims. While being asked about his group’s influence in the modern rap scene Quavo stated :

The triplet flow for sure, Wasn’t nobody doing it before we came in, and right now, everybody’s doing it. It’s a blessing” He also added referring to his and the group’s early collab with Drake on Versace “2014 I was the most influential

While some fans may argue crediting the flow to Memphis rapper Lord Infamous and even way before acts like Bone Thugs n Harmony, Quavo went on saying that Migos are not getting much credit for the flow “When they come out and say different people influenced it and don’t say the Migos, I don’t understand how. Because even the people they naming that influenced them, I know for a fact we influenced them, too.” said Quavo who didn’t forget to credit Drake for pushing the influence. Watch a segment from the interview below: