Video : Drake Calls J. Cole “One Of The Greatest Ever” at The Off-Season Tour

Just a few hours ago during the opening day of his The Off-Season Tour in Miami, J. Cole brought some surprise guests on stage while performing.

J. Cole’s The Off-Season Tour kicked off in Miami tonight, with the openers including 21 Savage and Morray. Cole brought out Drake and Future on the stage. Drake while performing gave flowers to Cole, as he referred to J. Cole’s latest freestyle over his song ‘Pipe Down’ where Cole claimed to be behind Drake and Kendrick, Drake stated “I just want you to understand something, you are without a doubt one of the greatest rapper that ever touched the mic.” Drizzy continued praising Cole “It’s way too many people in the world that know J. Cole is top on all positions”


On the freestyle Drake is talking about J. Cole rapped “Some people say that I’m running third, they threw the bronze at me Behind Drake and Dot, yeah, them n**** is superstars to me”.

Watch Drake praising J. Cole below: