Stream Three new songs from ‘Venom : Let There Be Carnage’ soundtrack

Today Marvel’s much-anticipated movie of the year ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ has finally hit theatres. On the occasion of the movie’s release two hip hop artists, Brit rapper Little Simz and group Czarface have released new songs for the soundtrack.

Little Simz whose album “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert” has already gained critically acclaimed has remixed her 2019 track “Venom” for the movie with the same name. The track originally had nothing to do with the Marvel flick. According to the director of Venom 2, lead actor Tom Hardy insisted the rapper make a new version of the song which is now also included in a sequence in the film.

Likewise, Boston area-based hip hop supergroup Czarface also participated in Venom 2’s soundtrack at Tom’s request. Ryan Seamus aka Esoteric revealed Tom Hardy himself contacted him and said he listens to Czarface while workout and wanted him to work on a project, which was none other than a soundtrack for the “Venom” Sequel.

Czarface made two tracks for the movie “Good Guys, Bad Guys” track, which are included in a fight sequence

“I knew if this song was approved it would remain in the Venom universe forever, and selfishly I wanted to get my son and daughter’s voices in there somehow because they’re fans and I figured that would be cool for them,” Ryan said.

Listen to the three songs below: