Mike Tyson Asks Freddie Gibbs If He Would Box With 6ix9ine

Legendary Boxer Mike Tyson has invited a new guest rapper, Freddie Gibbs on the latest EP of his Hotboxin Podcast. During the chat, Mike asked Gibbs what he does when he’s not making music.

Freddie responded by saying he tries to stay in shape by working out. He also pointed out that many rappers nowadays post videos of themselves boxing and “embarrassing themselves“. Mike who’s reputed to ask hilarious questions straight away asked Freddie “Do you think you can handle Tekashi 6ix9ine”. Freddie replies with a laugh saying“That’s like a pitbull vs chihuahua. That m**f** is like 5″3 man. m***f** like that get f**ed up.  Ain’t none tough about guys like that”

Most recently 6ix9ine has been posting clips of himself in the gym working out and boxing he also challenged some of the rappers for a boxing match. But from Freddie’s above statement it seems like he isn’t interested in a fight with him. Gibbs also told Mike that he was a fan of 6ix9ine’s early records but he doesn’t f–k with him ratting out. Watch the segment from the interview below: