Fat Joe ends Nick Cannon and Eminem’s decade long beef

Fat Joe was the latest guest in Nick Cannon’s show where the two rappers discussed Nick’s decade-long tension with the iconic rapper Eminem, During the chat, Nick Cannon credited Fat Joe for ending the beef between the two on a phone call. Nick says “Honestly, I gotta keep it a stack, this brother right here helped end the beef with me and Eminem on his show. And it wasn’t no ‘real beef’ but Joe was like, ‘Man, I gotta get you two brothers together.’ And he called Eminem.”

Fat Joe continues “And I called Eminem too! and I said ‘This gotta stop. You both my friends, my brothers. You are beautiful people. I don’t even know what this is all about”

Nick and Eminem’s beef started in 2009 when during Nick’s relationship with singer Mariah Carey, Eminem called out the singer multiple times and mentioned Nick too then Nick retaliated. Two years ago the beef reignited when Nick Cannon who had taken a break from rap, released a series of diss tracks at Eminem. But after Fat Joe’s intervention, it appears the tension has died down.