Lil Kim fires back at 50 Cent calls him “creepy” and “corny”

50 Cent continued his trolling game on Instagram as yesterday the G-Unit rapper took to Instagram and compared his ‘ Magic Stick’ collaborator Lil Kim’s dancing clip with Lerpachuen on his post with the caption “i’m sorry i know it’s early but i don’t why sh*t like this is funny to me lol“.

While followers of Fif find the post to be amusing as one user wrote “i laughed the first time I’ll laugh again” but Lil Kim herself said enough is enough and went on a rant under Fif’s post.

Lil Kim fired back at 50 Cent and wrote “you’re so obsessed with me it’s getting creepy” she also claimed 50 Cent is falling off and called him corny too. Kim warned 50 to stay off her p**sy . Check out Kim’s full response below: