Meek Mill responds to the man who was enraged about his album cover

Last week a video went viral of a Philly man who was outraged over Meek Mill’s latest album ‘Expensive Pain’ explicit cover was covered on a public bus. He questioned why is the album cover so explicit is displayed in public, blamed that it degrades black women, and had some conspiracy theories going in his rant too. Check out the clip below:

During his latest sit down withComplex’s Speedy Morman, Meek Mill has directly responded to the above guy’s rant. Meek first gave flowers to the black female artist Nina Chanel who designed the album cover “She been expressing herself through art”. Meek questions the outrage and says “Don’t speak on us when you think you feel some type of way you see some shit you don’t like. Speak up when you see a little girl gets killed in the neighborhood. Come help us out a little bit and then have an opinionated opinion

Meek continued addressing Philly man’s viral video “I’ve seen a white guy saying now. What did he said when George Floyd got killed? What did he say when a white guy choke a black guy for nine minutes? Did he make the same type of video or did he went zero on that?

Meek later agreed that the black naked woman painting on the bus was inappropriate and it can be changed. He also claimed the topic of a rapper’s album cover on a bus is not a real thing when there are people dying daily in the neighborhood. Watch the interview below: