Nas offers Hip-Hop storytelling course

Legendary emcee Nasir Jones aka Nas has teamed up with the online education website Masterclass to teach Hip-Hop storytelling. In support of his course, last week Nas released a song titled ‘Big Nas’ produced by Hit-Boy. The song detailed his lifestyle and accomplishment in music, business, and parenthood.

With 14 Grammy nominations for his multi-platinum albums, Nas is simply one of the greatest artists of all time. This class is the first time Nas breaks down his process and life story in this way. He also takes members through his writing process, literally creating a new song in real-timesaid Rogier, founder, and CEO of MasterClass.

Subscribers can watch Nas teaching the course which is divided into 12 parts and is almost two hours long with the topics titled “Rapping and Rhyme Schemes”, “Writing and Recording Original Rap Song in Studio”, “Using Poetry Telling Techniques” etc. Nas also dives into how hip-hop legends like Kool G Rap, Furious Five, LL Cool J, and more impacted his style. Check out the trailer below: