Young Thug says he influenced J. Cole & Drake, names his favorite & most lyrical songs from new album

During the chat with Hot 97 podcast, Young Thug revealed that his personal favorite tracks from his latest album are “Die Slow,” featuring Strick and the solo track, “Stupid/Asking.”

When he was asked what his most lyrical work on the new release,  Thugger believes that he murdered the track titled “Road Rage.”

On the hook, Thug raps: “See the pu**ies on the sideline wishin’ that I fall/Pull the skeletons out the closet, I’m ’bout to tell it all/Just want my money, my hoes and all my kids to ball/I’m road raging to the millions if I have to crawl.”

Throughout the interview, Young Thug also spoke on how he has influenced other rappers like J. Cole and Drake. You can watch the full thing below: