Snoop Dogg sends motivating message to Dr. Dre after the loss of his grandmother

Just a few days ago a sad news breakout that Dr. Dre has lost his grandmother, and adding to it another worse news was that Dre was served with divorce papers at his grandma’s funeral.

Today a longtime friend and close associate of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg has sent some encouraging words to the doctor via a video message that was shared by Dre himself on his own Instagram. In almost 1 minute long clip, Snoop tells Dre “Do what you do best n**a. Take that hurt that anger, that pain, and make magic. Make some beautiful out of it. That’s what you known for cuz. You could always take anger pain frustration and turn into something positive. God is working with you boy, he’s working with all of us. You’re our leader. They say Snoop Dogg is a icon but there’s one n**a to honor and that’s you. So you get your sh*t right and focus on being great. Take all that negative energy and all the shit you’re dealing with the death the lawsuits. Put all in your mind and spirit and make some magical. You got your soul with you, you got Me, Em, Kendrick. We with you..let’s go”

Sharing the above message by Snoop, Dre thanked everyone for sending positive messages to him. Watch below: