LL Cool J and Jay-Z inducted into Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 2021

Last night New York Hip-Hop finest, Jay-Z and LL Cool J were inducted into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 2021. LL Cool J was inducted by Dr. Dre who himself is part of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame with his group N.W.A and was also helped by a fiery performance by Eminem and Jennifer Lopez. Meanwhile, Jay-Z was honored by none other than ex-president of Barack Obama and comedian Dave Chappelle.

Today Jay-Z is one of the most renowned artists in history and an embodiment of the American dream, a dream he has helped make real for other young people like him.”So let me be one of the first to welcome home the kid from Marcy houses as an official Rock and Roll Hall of Famer” said Obama while honoring Jay-Z/

In his acceptance speech, Jay-Z said “We were told hip-hop was a fad, Much like punk rock, it gave us this anti-culture, this subgenre. And there were heroes in it.” he also thanked “We was like we gonna create our own company, you know? That’s hip-hop. And we created this company called Roc-A-Fella Records,” Jay-Z later thanked the people responsible for the start of his label. “Shout out to Dame [Dash]; I know we don’t see eye to eye, but I can never erase your accomplishments, and I appreciate you and thank you for that. And shout out to [Kareem] ‘Biggs’ [Burke]; he’s one of the most honorable people I’ve ever met. We created something that will probably never be duplicated.

Dr. Dre inducted LL Cool J and in his honor, he said “LL’s body of work contains some of the most diverse hip-hop has ever seen. He became rap’s first pop superstar while staying true to his roots representing Queens, New York. Dre also reminded the audience  “Most of you don’t know this but LL Cool J termed the phrase G.O.A.T., the “Greatest of All Time.” Yes. He’s the one who actually came up with that phrase.

LL Cool J on his acceptance speech said “A lot of people, when I told them I got inducted, they’d say to me, ‘Isn’t it is about time?’ You see, what people don’t realize is, I wasn’t thinking about the people who voted against me. I was thinking about the people who voted for me. It was love. Like what I was feeling was, Wow, here’s some people over there who won’t take no for an answer. They like, ‘Yo this guy got to be in here and we’re going to keep fighting for you ‘til we get him in here.’ So I thank you.

Watch the small clips from the ceremony below as the full ceremony will be telecast on HBO on November 20