Keefe D claims legendary hip-hop artist was involved in Biggie’s murder

Keefe D who is the uncle of 2 Pac’s supposed killer was recently on The Art of Dialogue, where he discussed the murder of The Notorious B.I.G.

At the beginning of the interview, Keefe D claimed that the legendary rapper would still be alive if Puff Daddy had allowed Keefe and the Southside Crips to act as a security at the Vibe magazine after- party on the night of Small’s murder. But what he had to say about his thoughts on who set up the murder, were far more interesting.

Throughout the interview Keefe describes the night of Biggie’s murder. He mentions the conversation between Puff Daddy and Notorious B.I.G where Puff warned  him that feds had been tailing them. Keefe also claimed that legendary hip-hop rapper, producer and songwriter DJ Quik was the one who set up Biggie’s murder.

“I seen DJ Quik and the dude Theo down there and he was with the few of them blood dudes and I went back up there and told Puff ‘them dudes is here, y’all be careful’. Keefe continued: “He (DJ Quik) showed up with them blood dudes… My homies was out there and they were like ‘them n****s is here’… DJ Quik and the dude Theo, he was a radio personality back then, was down with the dudes and that’s where the sh*t went down.”

Watch the full interview below.

After these allegations DJ Quik broke the silence. When HipHopDx posted the a clip of Keefe’s interview on their Instagram, DJ Quick commented on the post: “I’m feeling real Litigious right now.”


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DJ Quik also posted the headline of the article, that states that he is threatening to sue Keefe D over the allegations.


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