BREAKING: 8 People reported dead at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival

Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival is an annual music event.

Friday night was the first day of the huge weekend festival in Huston, Texas but it turned into a mess due to the fact that security wasn’t able to manage the massive crowd.

Multiple medics and other personnel were at the scene as people were passing out and were in immediate need of professional care.

Huston Fire Department took to twitter to let people know they were present at the festival and warn them about the danger.

Before the show began, fans overtook the security and barged into the event.

See the video below:

Just few minutes ago, it was confirmed that due to an uncontrollable crowd at least 8 people have died at the festival and more then dozen are currently at the hospital.

Watch the video below:

Huston Police Department also made an announcement on Twitter:

Currently #ASTROWORLDfest is trending on twitter and fans are heavily criticizing Travis Scott and his security.

Here’s a video of Travis trying to help one of the fans that passed out at the event:

Due to all the terrible things that took place last night, it’s been reported that Astroworld Fest day 2 has been canceled.

Travis Scott has yet to make any comments about all this.