Eminem appears on 50 Cent-produced TV Show as White Boy Rick.

BMF (Black Mafia Family) is an American TV Show produced by 50 Cent. The Show first premiered on Sep. 2021 and soon was renewed for a second season.

BMF is inspired by the true story of two brothers form Detroit, Michigan who were powerful figures in late 1980s and founded one of the most influential multi-state drug and money laundering organizations.

Last night the 7th episode of the show was aired on TV and we got to see non-other than Slim Shady playing a White Boy Rick.

Rick Wershe Jr. known as White Boy Rick, became an FBI informant at the age of just 14. Later, at the age of sixteen, Rick was imprisoned and became the youngest non-violent offender to serve total of 32 years in prison.

Eminem took over the role of 14 year old White Boy Ricky and we got to see Marshall transformed into a teenager.

Watch the scene below: