Big Sean says Kanye West owes him 6 Million Dollars

On Nov 5th Drink Champ’s dropped a 2 hour-long podcast with Kanye West that evoked a lot of controversy but Ye’s comment about Big Sean was the most talked about moment from the interview.

Kanye West claimed that signing Big Sean to his label G.O.O.D Music was the- “worst thing I’ve ever done.”

Big Sean quickly showed his feelings about Ye’s comment on twitter and seems like he’s not done yet.

DJ First Class shared a snippet from the interview where Kanye says: “when I die, on my tombstone it’s gonna say ‘I deserve to be here because I signed Big Sean.”

But that’s not it. In the same clip, Ye claims that when he ran for office, Big Sean was used by democrats to go against him on which Big Sean commented- “I didn’t get used by anybody or endorse anyone publicly at all. Cause I’m not political. That’s what’s hilarious, none of it’s true n he doesn’t even know what he talking about. I’m rollin.” 

See the post below:

Sean also Tweeted: “I can’t wait to go on Drink Champs now!!!” Under this post many fans came to defend 33 year old rapper and that’s where things got interesting.

One of Big Sean’s supporters commented: “Kanye owes Big Sean $3M” on which Sean replied: “Not 3, more like 6.”

Big Sean quickly deleted his replay but internet still got the screenshots.

See all the tweets and screenshot below:

kanye west owes big sean six million