50 Cent is ANGRY with STARZ Network and they had it coming

Black Mafia Family (BMF) is the 50 Cent’s TV Show that airs on STARTZ’s Network.

The show is based on a true story about two influential brothers from Detroit who were involved in money and drug laundering back in late 1980s.

Yesterday, 7th episode of the show aired which was directed by 50 Cent. This is the Episode where legendary rapper- https://hiphopfreaks.com/gay-dating-squirt/

Apparently, STARZ network aired and than took down the episode without 50’s knowledge.

Rapper took to twitter with series of tweets to show his feelings. First he shared a picture of an angry lion with a caption:

-“Starz is a shit show, they better sell it fast. They put the fucking BMF show on, then took it down. what network does shit like that? They just ruined the anticipation of The episode I directed, I WORKED HARD ON THIS. I can’t work with these people anymore.”

Later, on another tweet, he added:

“Episode 7 of BMF is the best work I have done directing to date. I’m disappointed that STARZ handled this so poorly. I used my personal relationships to make things happen they couldn’t have made happen.”

Lastly, Fifty shared a screenshot of the article that reported on this incident captioning:

“They called me saying they wanted to hold episode7 back a week so we can roll right into GHOST.I said cool. Then these shithead people put the fucking episode out for 3hrs & take it down. This is not ok when I get uncomfortable I make everybody uncomfortable now who getting fired?”

See the Tweets Below: