EXCLUSIVE: Travis Scott is taking REAL action after Astroworld tragedy

Travis Scott is finally taking real actions after the mass-casualty incident at his Astroworld Festival that killed eight people and injured over 300.

Young rapper has decided to provide full refund to all Astroworld Festival attendees and is canceling his Day N Vegas festival appearance.

Day N Vegas is a three-day long general-admission festival. Travis was set to hit the main stage on Saturday, Nov. 13th but now it’s been confirmed that rapper wont be attending the event.  As sources claim, Travis is “too distraught to play.” 

News also broke that Travis Scott will fully cover funeral expenses for all eight victims and will provide mental health and support resources to the families in grief.

The Astroworld “mass-casualty incident” investigation is still ongoing but it’s been confirmed that among the victims are a ninth-grader and a 16 year-old dancer. Huston Police Department declared that crowd surges began just half an hour after Travis began to perform.

After the first night of the show, it was soon announced that concert had gone out of hand. There are multiple videos online from the night that clearly show the severity of the event. Just few hours after the first night of the festival ended, Huston Police Chief confirmed that 8 people were killed and more than dozen were hospitalized. The second day of the festival was immediately canceled.

Huston Police Chief also claimed that not stopping the show is justified since the sudden cancelation could have caused a riot which would have been more fatal. He also noted that, under normal circumstances, the number of officers at the show should have been able to control the crowd.

Now Travis is facing multiple lawsuits regarding the devastating night.