ILoveMakonnen claims he’s the FIRST GAY RAPPER!

Look like Lil Nas X has a competition. Lil Nas X came out as homosexual in 2019 and since that, he has labeled himself as the first rapper to represent the LGBTQ+ community. However, ILoveMakonnen has different opinion on the subject.

ILoveMaconnen started a series of tweets on being gay on Nov 9th. On his first tweet rapper announced that he’s new album will be: “Gayer than ever.” Few minutes after he posted three tweets back-to-back: “I started this gay sh*t”, “I’m the reason u gay” and “But I’m not the reason u a h*e.”

“I started this gay sh*t”- this particular tweet triggered a few Lil Nas X fans.

Very soon people started to fire back at him which started a whole conversation on twitter that lead ILoveMaconnen to tweet: “This gay sh*t is the hardest sh*t anyone could ever do. Like y’all don’t be understanding the days a gay be going thru.” Following with: “The levels I’m on creatively can probably only be processed by a gay.”  

The series of tweets continued with a lot of posts by the rapper including this message to his fans: “Shouts out to all my gays , I love u I see u and I am with u! I’m always with u, I wouldn’t be who I am today without u. Know that trust and believe anything is possible! I am sending u love love love!” Seems like this sweet message would have been a great way to end the conversation, but rapper had more to say.

He continued tweeting: “All this fake sh*t be having me nauseas”, “Can somebody keep it real with me? somebody anybody!” and “My gay is not your gay.”

See all the tweets below: