Watch: Kanye West talks Donald Trump, Taylor Swift & Much More on Drink Champs

Today, Part 2 of Drink Champs’ interview with Kanye West was uploaded and as always, Rapper didn’t disappoint.

At the begging of the interview, Kanye brought out Larry Hoover Jr. son of the infamous American gang leader who’s been imprisoned for 47 years. Ye also Featured Larry Hoover Jr. in his song “Jesus Lord” from the latest album ‘Donda.”  Chicago rapper has openly been trying to help the Hoover family for a long time, claiming that Larry Hoover didn’t deserve the life sentence and is trying to free him.

Kanye also discussed Kim Kardashian’s lawyer career saying: “I feel like there’s people who might not want Kim Kardashian to become lawyer. Because you know what happens when Kim Kardashian becomes a lawyer, that shirt gets a little bit higher, the cleavage gets a little bit more covered up. 14 year-old girls, 17 year-old girls that’s posing a little bit, they wanna become a lawyer. She affects people in that way and it’s people that don’t want her to affect these women in that way, they want her to affect them in that other way.”

The second part of the podcast starts off with classic Kanye, discussing controversial topics like him wanting to “buy America.”

In the interview, Ye goes into a deep conversation about mental health, people having the write to express themselves and how society is so eager to label people who don’t “fit in.”

“We were raised into this life racist, sexist, homophobic, but now also a phobia of things with mental health. Do we feel like that could be the end of any conversation. Stop talking, stop thinking, stop feeling, you crazy.” 

Ye continued by saying: “Ya’ll not gonna diminish what I’m doing and what god is doing with me in the future by trying to cut my legs off, or cut my influence off by calling me crazy!” Adding: “only the truth will set us free.”

Kanye briefly mentioned 2009 VMA’s incident with Taylor Swift saying, he went to Japan and did: “a personal exile” because “all of America hated” him. Later in the interview, Ye also talked abut his conversation with Donald Trump over the phone in 2019 about ASAP Rocky getting arrested in Sweden. At one point, He compared himself to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and declared himself “King of culture.” Towards the end of the interview Kanye commented on Democrats saying: “I like Trump, yeah, I said it. I’m rocking with Trump. I’m never voting democrats till ya’ll actually do something that changes something.”

At the end, Kanye signed out by saying: “Ye 2024!”

Watch the full interview below: