VIDEO: Kanye West Clones Storm Streets of NYC Regarding “Donda” Deluxe Album

Looks like “Donda” Deluxe is going to be released sooner than we expected and Kanye West has already started the PR campaign for it.

First time Ye announced the “Donda” deluxe album was coming, was in the recent Drink Champs Interview where he also teased the new song. Yesterday, first official banners for the bonus album appeared in various cities.

Check out the picture below:

Last night, the gang of Kanye West lookalikes took over the streets of New York. More than twenty clones were spotted wearing the infamous creepy prosthetic mask that Kanye wore multiple times throughout October and November. Ye imitators were dressed in all black, wearing Balenciaga hats, Yeezy Gap Round jackets and Apple AirPods.

Kanye clones walked through the streets of New York city and posed for the pictures with fans.

See all the pictures and videos below:

See Kanye wearing the same mask and outfit below:

TIDAL Twitter account also hinted that “Donda” Deluxe is coming very soon: