VIDEO: Da Baby Falls off Stage & Loses $20K Diamond Jewelry

Last night, Da Baby performed at Dari’s nightclub in Las Vegas. Rapper was delivering a high energy as always but this time, he might have overdone it. While singing his hit song “VIBEZ” Da Baby took a tumble and fell off the stage. The rapper tried to act as if the fall was part of the performance but the video shows otherwise.

Da Baby fell straight into the crowd. The fans in the front row freaked out and started to rip his shirt off. While trying to get back on the stage and taking off the ripped shirt, rapper lost his $20K diamond ring in the crowd. In the video, you can see him informing the security members about the lost jewelry, who start to search for the ring right away. Fortunately, The female fan, who found the ring, returned it to the rapper.

Da Baby showed his appreciation to the fan, by asking her to join him on stage and place the ring on his finger. The whole scene was acted out as a proposal since the 29-year-old rapper got on one knee and sang Jagged Edge’s “Let’s Get Married.”

Check out the Video below: