Yelawolf Drops New Music Video & Mentions Eminem

On Nov. 14th, Yelawolf released a new music video for “Rocks At Your Window”. The song was released back in April 30 and is dedicated to Yela’s childhood friend, Shawty Fatt who passed away at the age of 32 in a car accident.

Yelawolf starts off his first verse by remembering the good times he shared with Shawty: “Got the Chevy on the highway/ Sun shinin’ and the summer rain’s comin’ down/ Comin’ down/ Lookin’ back on good times/ You and me, we was on the way/ Small town with our names in the marquee now.” The song is guided by an emotional instrumental work that perfectly matches the story rapper is trying to tell.

Yelawolf and Shawty Fatt started their rap career together. In the beginning, Yela used to produce beats for Fatt. Their first official song together is called- G.A.D which was included on Yelawolf’s first LP, “Creek Water.”

In “Rocks At Your Window” Yelawolf also looks back on the time, when Eminem signed him to his label- Shady Records, “Eminem gave me a record deal/ And I hit the road, it made you feel hollow/ But you never showed it, you just smiled/ All you ever said was, ‘Wolf, I’m proud/ Wolf, go kill ’em, Wolf, you’ve got this.”

You can watch the music video below: