Thing Get Heated After Kodak Black Publicly Claims Jackboy Is Suing Him

Kodak Black and Jackboy have been firing shots at each other for some time now and now we know why.

Former collaborators got into an Instagram feud. Even though we don’t know when exactly the disagreement started between two formers friends, we did found out why they have been shading each other.

Kodak Black put up few Instagram stories explaining that two are feuding over legal matters. He also implied that he would like to squash the beef and make a collaborative EP with Jackboy but latter he shared some censored screenshots of court documents.

The whole story stars by Kodak going on an Instagram live saying that while he was behind bars, he got an offer by Jackboy’s team to do a “whole EP together”.  In the live he also claimed: “Ni**a filed a lawsuit on me.” 

Check out the snippets from livestream below:


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After the live ended, rapper put up a story saying he would still like to make an EP with Jackboy despite their differences.

“I wanna do an ep wit my lil bra & get some mo money out these folks, you can still be who you think you is nobody tryna belittle you I understand the money got to your head and your feel like you outgrew yo position of being my homie now but we can still get money without you being round me everyday! This is what made you, why turn your back from it???? It ain’t like this concept wasn’t working.”-wrote Kodak.

He then followed up with another post which showed the censored screenshots of legal documents saying: “My n***a put da courts in our business but tryna flip script on me like I’m tripping” adding: “It ain’t too late I’ll forgive you for everything just kill all this sucka s— & let’s get this money! Kuz this ain’t the look… I miss yo a– boy.”

See the screenshots below:

lawsuit screenshot

Very soon, after Kodak’s claims, Jackboy also took to Instagram to call out his former friend and deny filing a lawsuit against him.  The 24-year-old rapper put up two stories back-to-back writing:

“N***a you (cap) dats why I’m not tryna hang show da whole paper you suing me & I’m on da defense. Chill out with the fake posting shit I’m tryna show da real you & how we gone do a ep and you tryna block my motion” He also added: “it’s not about the money it’s the principle. Loyalty out values everything.” 

On the second post Jackboy wrote: “Wtf Imma get from suing you I thought you said I owe you not you owe me.”

See the screenshots below:


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