VIDEO: Saweetie Makes Her SNL Debut

Saweetie just made her SNL debut on Sunday night as a musical guest.  California Rapper performed her hit songs: “Tap In”, “Best Friend” and “Icy Chain”. All tracks are from Saweetie’s upcoming album “Pretty B*tch Music” which is expected to come out in 2022.

“Tap In” is the lead single of the album and “Best Friend” is the first collaboration between the 28-year-old rapper and Doja Cat. Both songs are very high energy and found a massive fanbase, especially in TikTok community. TikTok influencers even created the specific dance for the song- “Best Friend”

“Icy Chain” is Saweetie’s latest drop that was released last Friday, on Nov. 19th.

Saweetie and her background dancers heated up the SNL stage and showed off some twerk moves while performing.

Check out her performance below: