LISTEN: Adele Discusses Friendship With Drake

In her latest interview with “Spout Podcast”, Adele talked about Drake and their long-time friendship.

The Canadian rapper has also expressed his love and admiration for Adele a few times in the past, claiming she is his “one and only best friend in the world”. The two artists have always been open about their shared respect for each other and they never fail to show support to one another. Back in 2018 Adele even tweeted that Drake was one of his favorite artists of all time.

In an interview with the “Spout Podcast,” Adele Said: “We definitely have confided in each other… I certainly have confided in him over how I want to do things,” adding: “But he’s great, he’s absolutely great.”

The “Easy On Me” singer also revealed that she sent her latest album, “30” to Drake almost a year earlier before releasing it.

“We definitely spoke a bit about it this time because releasing music during a global pandemic is like no one’s done it before. We always talk about work stuff and get each other’s opinions on it and stuff like that.”– Said Adele.

The singer also added: “One of the reasons I love being friends with him is because, being able to like have access to someone that really does know a lot of what it’s like, sort of you know, to be you and stuff like that and he’s also very… like he decides everything and it can be quite daunting sometimes to make sure that you’re across all of that stuff and everything like that.”

The interviewer also asked her if she heard Drake’s latest album, “Certified Lover Boy” before the release to which the English superstar answered: “Oh no, oh no. No, he didn’t share the whole thing with me no! But I heard a couple of snippets of it and stuff like that. But I love that record!”

Adele and Drake both had a successful year, releasing new albums and breaking records. Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy” was recently nominated for the Grammy.

Listen to the podcast below: