NBA Youngboy Admits He Wants To Work With Tekashi 6ix9ine & Fires Shots At Hip Hop Industry

Yesterday, NBA Youngboy, whose real name is Kentrell DeSean, was on Clubhouse where he had a conversation with Akademiks. The 22-year-old rapper fired shots at the hip-hop industry and explained that he would prefer to collaborate with Tekashi 6ix9ine than to work with half of the other rappers.

Youngboy said: “I’ll do a song with 6ix9ine before I do a song with half these p—y a— n-as”.  This comment seemed to shook Akademiks: “Aww man.. The industry gon’ kill you for that man.” To which the American rapper quickly replied: “Industry can s-ck my d—k.”

As you know, Tekashi 6ix9ine has been labeled a “Snitch” by the industry after he decided to testify against his gang members back in 2018. Tekashi was a member of the Nine Trey Gang. At court, he admitted to robbing people at gunpoint with his gang members, pled guilty, and co-operated with the investigation after he was promised a reduced sentence. Even though 6ix9ine had been denounced a “Snitch,” he still managed to score collaborations with Nicki Minaj and Akon after getting released from prison. Now it looks like, even NBA Youngboy would not mind doing a feature with him.

Youngboy also commented on Tekashi’s status saying: “I ain’t got s-t, I ain’t got none against him. That s-t ain’t got none to do with me. I wasn’t in his situation. Half these n-as that be talking, don’t know what they’d do if they was in his situation. What the f-f-k that got to do with me or anybody else?!” later he also added: “I’ll have a conversation with him. I just told you, I ain’t got none to do with all that p—y s-t! His business doesn’t concern my business.”

After hearing Youngoy’s opinion, Akademiks quickly suggested that now Tekashi will most likely reach out to him and ask for a verse for the feature.

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