Sleepy Hallow Talks How Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole Influenced His Style

HNHH just dropped the latest episode of “On The Come Up” where they interviewed Sleepy Hallow. During the interview, the 21-year-old rapper talked about different influences he had as an artist naming big names like: Biggie, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, 50 Cent and more. He described his sound as a mixture of Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper and the sounds of Drill in Chicago.

At the beginning of the interview, Sleepy Hallow remembered what kind of music he used to listen growing up saying:

“Everything that was lit from our generation. Back then, that is like Young Money. Young Money was lit for us. Kanye too. I am still young, so probably, like Drake.” Adding: “Young Money time, that is when I was really looking at music. That’s probably when I decided I wanted to do music.”

He also mentioned Chance The Rapper as one of his childhood favorites, saying:

“I could say underground like when Chance The Rapper first came out. I was listening to his sh*t too. Aside from the drill, gangster rap and sh*t, I was looking at the other n****s who were artists, making real music and sh*t. I always looked at that sh*t like, ‘Bro, that sh*t’s fire.”

After talking about his childhood preferences, an interviewer asked him about the rappers that influence his style now: “I read the artists that influenced you the most are Biggie, J. Cole, 50 Cent, and Kendrick.” to which, Sleepy answered: “Yeah, I can live with that.”

Later, Jamaican-born rapper described the impact Kendrick Lamar had on him saying:

“Kendrick? That was like… Everybody when I tell them that, they look at me weird. But like, for me it was like, I don’t know. Lot of his sh*t just stuck with me. I could relate. Especially when he came out with that whole M.A.A.D City sh*t, that was my sh*t.”

Sleepy also named “The Art Of Peer Pressure” as his favorite single from the album saying:

“l  will say more on the street, that sh*t is really peer pressure. That sh*t is there. Some people be going through that sh*t and don’t even know. They be thinking they acting a certain way, that’s is not true, that don’t even be them. It be their crowd. That sh*t stuck with me OD. That made me think ‘Damn, I am on this?”

To the question whether “The Art Of Peer Pressure” made him more aware of that kind of situations, young rapper answered:

“I already know what could happen, I know what can’t happen, so if I do not want do it, I am not even gonna do it. Defeat the possible peer pressure that could even come with that.”

Following this questions, Sleepy Hallow also talked about J. Cole saying:

“That is me steering away from the gangster sh*t. When J. Cole probably dropped (“Work Out”)… When I started rapping, I used to just listen to mad songs and try to write remixes. I probably did that sh*t because that sh*t was different to me. He talking about some sh*t. That ain’t even on drill, drill, but it still fire to me. So, that’s wavy. Drill will forever be here but I like doing that other sh*t.”

Check out the video below:

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