VIDEO: MGK Stabbed Himself Trying To Impress Megan Fox

Today, “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” uploaded the interview with Colson Baker aka. Machine Gun Kelly.

As you know, Machine Gun Kelly is a former rapper who changed the music genre from hip-hop to punk rock after Eminem dissed him.

During an interview with Jimmy Fallon, MGK recalled the time he accidentally stabbed himself while trying to impress his girlfriend, Megan Fox. The former rapper tried to catch a knife and according to the story he told, it didn’t go as smoothly.

“This was also right after I started to date Megan,” said Colson, continuing: “Travis got me this knife that had an engravement from the new album on it so I was like ‘Oh check this out, this is sick’ and I threw it up and it came and stuck in my hand.” Then, he showed the scar on his hand to Jimmy, saying: “Do you see that right here, yeah that is from when the knife stuck in my [hand]. Cause you know how when you throw it up you’re supposed to catch it and I looked at her and I was like ‘check this out”.  After the accident, He had to get stitches, “Yo I need stitches real quick.”- said Colson.

Check out the interview below: