Alicia Keys Explains Why Her Collaborations With J. Cole Failed to Come Out

Alicia Keys’ upcoming album “Keys” is expected to be released this Friday, on December 10th.

The singer discussed her collaborations with J. Cole in a recent interview with Complex. Originally, she suggested this possible match back in September when she shared footage from their time in the studio. However, when the tracklist was unveiled earlier this week, the 36-year-old rapper was noticeably absent.

“You were in the studio with J. Cole. You guys were working on a project…. but the J. Cole song we haven’t seen. What was happening in that studio and what can we expect from that link-up”– asked the interviewer.

“That was actually the first time that we connected,” Said the singer, adding: “It was good. He was actually just kind of building and conversating. Mike Will was there as well so there was a festive kind of studio energy.” 

Alicia then went on to talk about her collaboration with J. Cole, noting that there are in fact, multiple features.

“He [J. Cole] came through. He happened to be in the same place. We were talking, we were conversating, building some of the conversations you heard, and then we just kind of happened to fall on some vibes and some things and some flows.” adding: “Actually there was like two or three of them.”

It’s always a worry that these kinds of songs will never see the light of day. When asked about whether fans will get to hear their feature, the singer answered: “It’s possible, it’s really possible, it’s good too”

Watch the video below:

Check out the video of Alicia and J. Cole in the studio together: