Kodak Black Reacts to Kendrick Lamar Comparison

When comedian Lil Duval compared Kodak Black’s lyrical abilities to that of Kendrick Lamar, he sparked outrage on social media.

On December 7th Lil Duval put out a post on Twitter that read:

“Kodak really up there with Kendrick lyrically but y’all don’t wanna hear it tho”

See the tweet below:

Naturally, Kendrick’s fans weren’t thrilled with this comparison. Some people started to make memes out of Duval’s tweet. For instance, one fan tweeted: “I get high and tweet bull sh*t too. But I ain’t never been this high.”  while another added: “Freedom of speech was a mistake!”

Check out some of the responses below:

In the midst of the outrage, Kodak weighed in, requesting that he be recognized for his talent rather than other people’s actions. The 24-year-old rapper posted:

“I understand it be controversial sh*t behind me but I’ll appreciate it if y’all just worry bout me Fa my talent and not da other sh*t on social media !!! Thank You.” 

He later deleted the post but you can see it here: