VIDEO: Live Podcast Ends In Chaos After IG Model Allegedly Pulls Gun on Akademiks

On December 8, DJ Akademiks appeared on the “Fresh and Fit” podcast that was also broadcasted on his twitch channel.

The popular entertainer found himself in a sticky situation. DJ Akademiks, along with dozen Instagram models, was a guest on the “Fresh and Fit” podcast which turned into mess.

Whitney LeDawn, a single mother who claimed to be a “child of God” throughout the podcast, was one of the models on the show. DJ Akademiks was thrown off by her mention of religion, and right when she was about to leave, he decided to ask if she had her child out of wedlock, which she verified.

“I just want to know if God would approve,” said Akademiks. That’s when the scene became tense.

This comment ticked off LeDawn who reacted by commenting on his weight and calling him “obese”.

“You want to talk about my sins? Let’s talk about yours, Obesity”-replied the model.

This back and forth between the female guest and AK continued for another 10 minutes. Whitney also called out the hosts of the show for mistreating and disrespecting their female guests.  Akademiks took things too far by threatening the model that if he felt insulted, he would have her beaten up.

As the woman was being escorted out of the studio, AK moved away from the cameras as well, still shouting and insulting her. That seemed to be the final straw for LeDawn, as she allegedly reached inside her bag and pulled the gun out.

“I don’t know what shorty was reaching for in her bag” Said AK after returning to the sudion.

After the incident he went live, saying: “I am such an instigator, I definitely told her to draw. I’m like ‘naah, pull it, cause n***a they’re about to smoke your a**.”

See the full video of the argument below:

Watch Akademiks explain what happened below: