Freddie Gibbs and Jim Jones Crew Get Into Altercation in Miami Club

Last night in Miami, Rappers Freddie Gibbs and Jim Jones crew have gotten in a brawl according to developing reports. Witnesses present at the club during the fight have claimed that first Jim Jones approached Freddie Gibbs who has said some unpleasant things about Jim Jones in the past.

During the argument between two rappers, someone from Jim’s crew punched the self-proclaimed Gangsta Gibbs which then resulted in escalation as the person reporting to Vlad TV claims. They also said Jim Jones personally attacked Freddie Gibbs and Gibbs’s huge bodyguard was also hit.

While any clips of the alleged altercation aren’t available on the internet, Freddie’s old foe DJ Akademiks has taken the opportunity to make jokes on Gibbs on his Twitter as he wrote saying “Freddie Gibbs definitely tellin his police officer dad and District Attorney brother on Jim Jones.’