Roddy Ricch’s album ‘Live Life Fast’ originally featured Drake , Kanye , Travis Scott and A$ap Rocky

Roddy Ricch’s latest album ‘Live Life Fast’ is getting polarizing reactions from fans some of them feel it wasn’t par with his debut effort ‘Please Excuse Me For Being Antiscoial’.

A recent picture of Roddy Ricch with Vice President of Atlantic Records Keefa Black showcases Roddy’s sophomore album was originally filled with heavyweight features. In the background of the picture, there’s a supposed original tracklist for the album which shows star rapper Drake was featured in the track titled ‘More than a Trend’.

Other big names like Ye ( Kanye West), Travis Scott, A$ap Rocky, and Snoop Dogg were also present in the OG tracklist. In his recent interview with Apple Music, Roddy explained the reason why Travis’s guest feature wasn’t in the album was the cause of the recent tragic events at Astroworld where lots of people were injured and few have to lose their lives as well.

Roddy is yet to explain why other big names were absent from the released version of the album, a couple of the reasons could be sample clearances or Roddy is saving those tracks for the deluxe edition of the album. Check out the original tracklist below: