50 Cent suggests his next album could be his last, Claims he’s the top 10 dead or alive rappers

50 Cent says his next album might be his last

In such a short length of time, 50 Cent has made an indelible mark on the hip-hop industry. Back in 2003, when he released his debut album, “Get Rich Or Die Trying”, he completely transformed hip-hop, and then in 2005, his sophomore release, “The Massacre”, did even better. Fifty’s contributions and efforts in hip-hop, truly deserve to be recognized and appreciated more. That is why the New York rapper wasn’t happy when somebody told him he wasn’t on the list of top 10 rappers from the Big Apple. Even though this happened back in November, looks like fifty still holds grudges.

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50 Cent recently shared a post on Instagram, where he wrote:

“The numbers will never lie but I’m nobody’s favorite Smh. Nah, I’m Top 10 dead or alive and I’m not done”  

But claiming his status in the hip-hop industry wasn’t the only objective of the post. In recent years, Fifty has shifted its focus to television and film. His directing abilities have surprised everyone and many fans are looking forward to the new season of BMF (Black Mafia Family). Even though Fifty has a lot of TV projects coming up in the future, looks like he’s not done with rap just yet.

The 46-year-old rapper recently revealed that he has been working on a new album and we’ve been waiting ever since. On December 20, Fifty gave us a bittersweet update on this upcoming project. In his previously mentioned post, Fifty quoted lyrics from his song “Smile (I’m Leaving)” suggesting that his new album might be the final one fans are going to get from the rapper:

“Smile my next album might be my last” wrote Fifty.

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