Future Believes He Can Beat Jay-Z In A Verzuz

Just two days ago Hip Hop heavyweight Jay-Z stunned the rap community with his statement on Twitter Space that No one can stand on Verzuz stage for a hits battle with him.

Following Hov’s declaration, many reactions have flooded through as Lil Jon notably said that another New York icon Busta Rhymes can smoke Jay-Z in a Verzuz.

Just now Atlanta’s own Future has participated in this discussion as he reposted another rapper’s opinion. Big Bank DTE of Duct Tape Entertainment posted on his Instagram story that “I Promise you errybody from Atlanta thinks Pluto can beat Hov in a Verzuz”. Future has cosigned this statement on his own Instagram an hour ago.

Not to forget that just this week Future tweeted that in the streets he’s bigger than Hov. Future’s continued aim at Jay-Z could be coming from competitive nature in rap music.

Even though Future and Jay-Z have linked up in DJ Khaled’s “I Got The Keys” but the possibility of both rappers appearing in Verzuz together seem less as both of them represent different eras in Hip-Hop and as Verzuz nearly 2 years history goes it has never happened that two artists from the different eras have faced off each other.