Roddy Ricch addresses Saweetie dating rumors, Sends message for all females

Roddy Ricch addresses the rumors regarding him and Saweetie dating and sends out a general warning for all the “females out there.”


Roddy Ricch was a guest on Big Boy’s Neighborhood podcast on December 21. The 23-year-old rapper discussed his new album “Live Life Fast,” his relationship with his parents, the Astroworld tragedy, and more.

During the interview, the Compton rapper was asked about the Saweetie romance rumors that sparked back in October. Initially, speculations of the two rappers dating arose after they were seen sitting next to each other at a basketball game.

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Roddy used the opportunity to dispel Saweetie dating rumors when asked about his love life. “For all the females out there, stop sitting by me next to the games,” He said, “I was sitting down first.” 

Roddy claimed that he was just there enjoying the game on his birthday, not knowing, or caring who was sitting beside him.

“I’m at the game, it is my birthday, I am faded out my mind, I ain’t thinking about nobody sitting next to me.” said Roddy, “I am trying to watch the Lakers. They lost by thirty that game.” 

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