Fetty Wap explains why he removed Drake feature from his album

Fetty reveals why he chose to leave Drake’s “My Way” remix off his debut album.

Fetty Wap was once considered one of the most promising young musicians in the world. He was expected to dominate the music industry for the next few years but instead, found himself at the center of record label deals that exploited him and his skills. This year, the 30-year-old rapper decided to reclaim his prominence by releasing a new album, “The Butterfly Effect.” However, just one week after the album’s release, the New Jersey rapper was arrested After an ankle monitor alert connected to an outstanding warrant went off.

Fetty has been speaking out about his career, most recently on DJ Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast. The “Trap Queen” rapper discussed his career, troubles with his label, 300 Entertainment, a defamation lawsuit filed by his former assistant, financial difficulties he had after becoming popular, and why he ultimately chose not to include Drake in his debut album.

Drake remixed Fetty’s third song, “My Way,” in 2015. According to his claims, the song was supposed to be a Monty piece featuring Wap. Fetty even requested his part be cut from the song, keeping just the hook, so Monty could have the main focus beside Drake.

“I felt like, I had a plan about how this sh*t was supposed to go,” said Fetty, “That was supposed to be Monty’s record, that was Monty’s breakthrough record.”

He further explained: “Even when they named the song I was pissed off. It was like, ‘Fetty Wap featuring Monty’ like No! What the f*ck! It’s Monty featuring me, like that’s not my song.”


Following the song’s handover to Drizzy, the musician’s crew allegedly failed to return his verse before releasing it on SoundCloud, which resulted in Fetty being credited as the song’s main artist rather than Monty. Because of this, Fetty said he felt “played”. 

“When he [Drake] jumped on the record the first thing I said to him was ‘Yo, can you just take my verse off and keep Monty up there and just let me be on the hook,” Wap told AK.

Following this discussion, Akademiks asked whether Drake had contacted him regarding the situation. “The first and last time I spoke to [Drake], when he asked me to get on the song, that was it,” said Fetty, “I haven’t even seen him in person.” He expressed his displeasure with Drizzy’s team’s handling of the tune, claiming that it was the only reason he didn’t include Drake’s verse on his album.

Check out the interview below: