NBA Youngboy’s feature price revealed

In the last few years, YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s rise to the top is quite exhilarating to see. The 23-year-old rapper has translated his success from Youtube to Billboard Charts and has gained Multi-Platinum singles & albums in quite a short time.

YoungBoy now seems to focus on building his label which is named after his own stage name  ‘Never Broke Again’ which members include rising rappers like NoCap, P Yungin, Meechy Baby, Quando Rondo, Bway, and more. The newly formed label was founded under Motown Records and already a compilation album has been released.

A few days ago Alex Junnier the manager of the label has revealed on his Instagram how much YoungBoy and other members of the label charge for the features. As no surprise, YoungBoy aka Top charges more than $300K to be featured on a single track and that’s just this year’s rate. NoCap and Bway’s charges were 25K and 3,5K respectively. Check out the screenshot of the manager’s post below