Video : Lil Uzi Vert gets into an altercation with NY Rapper

For quite some time Lil Uzi Vert has been in the headlines more cause of controversy instead of music, this Christmas eve was no different. A few hours ago rapper from New York shared video clips in which Uzi seems to go off at him.

The viral clips shared by a rapper named Guap Sensei show Lil Uzi Vert almost attacking him before being held back by a girl, fans are debating if it’s Uzi’s girlfriend JT or someone else.

What caused the altercation is still unknown but the rapper who shared the clip suggests Uzi asked him for a free feature. In the background of the clip, you can hear someone calming the situation by saying “Just leave it alone bro” and another voice presumably from Guapo provoking for a fight. Uzi could be seen charging angrily at the rapper who later in the clip can be heard mocking Uzi. He also tweeted that the fight erupted over Uzi’s girlfriend.

Check out the tweet and clip below: