J. Cole recalls telling Dr. Dre to sign Kendrick Lamar

J. Cole has kept his promise to the Canadian-based interviewer Nardwuar for an exclusive chat. Earlier today a new interview with Cole was published by Nardwuar.

As fans know Cole rarely does video interviews so this interview was filled with some gems. During the course of the interview, Nardwuar brought up something about J. Cole that not many people know about.

Nardwuar asked Jermaine “J. Cole did you tell Dr. Dre about Kendrick” in the response Cole paused for a moment looking interviewer and then he asked who gave him this piece of information. Then later J. Cole admitted he wasn’t the first person to tell Dre about Kendrick but he did request Dre to “sign this kid from Compton” when the Westcoast legend was working on his album ‘Detox’.

Most of the fans know that Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg was the one who suggested Dre sign Kendrick to Aftermath Interscope which he eventually did in 2011. It’s also a known fact that Dre had eyes on talented Kendrick after watching his 2010 music video ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’

Cole also revealed he wanted to sign Kendrick on his own label Dreamville “that was the first artist in my mind but you know he had bigger sh*t going on”.