LeBron James raps Jay-Z’s iconic song as a message to haters

LeBron James sends a message to Lakers’ haters by rapping Jay-Z’s “Imaginary Players”

When it comes to competition, looks like LeBron James shares Jay-Z’s outlook. Just like Jigga stated earlier this month that no one in hip-hop is at a level to stand against him on the Verzuz stage, now LeBron is calming the same thing on the Basketball floor.

The 36-year-old athlete shared a video of himself rapping along to Jay-Z’s “Imaginary Players.” The King of Basketball seemed to be enjoying a posh night out with his friends and loved ones.

The video acts as a response to all the haters who have been bashing the Lakers for their mediocre 16-18 season. You can see the confidence on LeBron’s face as he delivers the following bars:

“Those ain’t Rolex diamonds, what the f*ck you done to that?/ Y’all rapping-a** n****s, y’all funny to me/ Selling records, being you but still you want to be me/ I guess for every buck you make it’s like a hundred for me”

King LeBron gets more and more into it as the following lines come up:  

“And still you running around thinking you got something on me/ But I done did it/ And y’all want to take my flow and run with it/ That’s cool, I was the first one with it/ Original, Jigga’s the future flow digital/ Still busting a gat when she gets critical/ Sit it down, I don’t want y’all to get it confused/ I rip it down, like I ain’t got nothing to lose.”

Check out the clip below: