French Montana gifts Kanye West sneakers, it ends up in eBAY auction

Last week French Montana and Kanye West linked up at YE’s Donda Academy Homecoming Basketball game. During the link-up French Montana gifted Kanye his recently launched ‘Coke Boy 1 LA  Ave Shoes’.

French also shared a clip on Instagram where he can be seen gifting West the sneakers, he captioned the post with “Told Ye a 100 million now or a billion dollars later “. In the video, Kanye can be seen as very enthusiastic while receiving 1 of 1 pair of sneakers but the story that unfolded later begs to differ.

A few days later of this event fans have noticed that the sneakers that Montana gifted Kanye have now ended up on eBay as they are being auctioned. Some of the fans deduced that Ye had left these sneakers in the locker room and that’s how someone else got access to them.

eBay auction for French Montana’s gift to Kanye has reached a price of nearly $2K. While some fans debate that these shoes might not be the same cause French released 500 of these exclusively but the timing of it all suggests otherwise as the seller offered authenticity.

Why Kanye West did this is still not clear meanwhile French Montana is yet to respond to this news.