Kodak Black Wants To Battle Jay-Z In A Verzuz

Florida’s own Kodak Black has taken to social media to challenge the Hip Hop icon for a Verzuz Battle. Just a few minutes ago Kodak tweeted he would like to take on Jay-Z for a hits battle.

Verzuz concept demands artists to deliver their respective hits in a one-on-one live in front of fans who are live streaming. Kodak has decided to take on Brooklyn native Jay-Z as he also sets a couple of conditions.

Kodak demanded if he wins the battle then he will become Vice-President of Hov’s label Roc Nation. On the other hand, if Jay-Z wins he will own 15% of the catalog of Kodak’s music.

Kodak’s fans have supported the Super Gremlin rapper in a Verzuz battle against Hov in the replies as one user wrote “Yall have to remember Kodak is very versatile I believe he would win he’s better than biggie and pac Jay-Z have nothing on the Goat”

Kodak Black is not the first rapper to challenge Jay-Z for a Verzuz battle and probably not the last. Just recently Jay himself responded to the discussion of Verzuz battle with “No one can stand on that stage with me. It’s not a chance in hell that anyone can stand on that stage with me”.

Check out Kodak Black’s tweet and responses from supporters below: